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Oneida County, NY

Zoning Enforcement

Leo Boulerice

8520 Old Poland Road, PO Box 206
Town of Trenton Municipal Center
Barneveld, NY 13304
315-896-2664 (TDD Dial 711) cell 315 534-0989
Zoning Enforcement Officer: Duties - Reviews and acts on all land development project applications for compliance with Trenton’s zoning law. Answers and investigates complaints related to zoning violations. Also serves as the town’s flood hazard and flood plain administrator, reviewing all projects for encroachment and mitigation in areas subject to flooding and designated wetland protection.

Zoning applications are required for all new construction, expanding the perimeter or height of any existing structure, swimming pools, tennis courts, satellite dishes, or any other accessory structure regardless of size. Any change in use of a structure requires a permit. Zoning applications are not required for fencing, driveways, walkways, dry wells, septic systems or any repairs, renovations or remodeling that does not change the existing shape, height or usage of a structure.

Exemption from a zoning permit does not necessarily mean exemption from a building permit. Please call the Codes Department for further information.
Monitoring the use of land according to town-wide development plan, including the placement, type and use of structures upon each parcel.
Hours of Operation:
By Appointment
Leo Boulerice ()
Phone: (315) 534-0989